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Five ways to explore intimacy outside of penetration


Having penetrative sex isn’t always an option, whether it be because of pain, time constraints, stress, physical difficulties, or simply a mutual desire to explore alternative avenues of intimacy and connection. But don’t worry; there are many ways to explore pleasure and intimacy with penetration being off the table.

Here, we delve into several ways to nurture intimacy without relying solely on penetration.

Let’s get stuck in!

Sensual Massage

Exploring a sensual massage with a partner can be a deeply intimate and rewarding experience. Create a comfortable environment with soft lighting, soothing music and oils at hand. One way to level up the massage could be incorporating temperature play, which can heighten sensations; warm massage oils or chilled massage stones can be gently introduced to different body parts. Choose high-quality massage oils infused with essential oils for added relaxation and arousal. Take your time to discover what techniques and pressures your partner enjoys most, allowing communication to guide your movements.

Mutual Masturbation

One of my favourite ways to explore pleasure without penetration is mutual play. There are many ways to explore this, including incorporating non-penetrative toys, such as vibrators or strokers, which can enhance sensation and variety. You can even include the use of porn, whether that be visual or audio. My personal favourite is to have both partners lay next to each other while you both engage in mutual play and watch your favourite porn together until you reach a mutual orgasm, edging until you can both cum together.

Dry Humping / Grinding

Exploring grinding or dry humping as a form of masturbation with a partner can add an exciting dimension to your sexual repertoire. Experiment with different positions and pressures to find what feels most pleasurable for you, and to level up your dry-humping game, you could invest in the Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness, which allows you to have hands-free pleasure. You can ask your partner to attach it to their thigh, or you can strap it onto your pillow and hump that baby to your heart’s content.

Blindfolded guiding

Blindfold one partner and guide them through a journey of touch, using your hands, lips, and even props like feathers or silk scarves to explore their erogenous zones. Start with gentle caresses and kisses, gradually increasing intensity as you navigate their body. Please pay close attention to their responses and cues and encourage verbal feedback.

Play kinky games

Exploring kinky games without penetration offers a wide array of thrilling possibilities to spice up your sex life. One of my favourites is the Sexy 6 Dice Foreplay Edition. With 720 possible outcomes, you can have hours of non-penetrative sexy fun. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore outside the norm, including taking things out of the bedroom. Remember, you can explore intimacy without being physical, and to help you with some ideas, you could grab yourself the Date Nights Sex Game, which has 100 ways to keep your dates interesting.

It’s important to understand and embrace the fact that not desiring penetration is perfectly acceptable—and it’s equally acceptable to communicate this to your partner. Exploring non-penetrative avenues can create pleasurable and enjoyable sexual experiences for everyone involved.

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