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Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys for men are becoming increasingly popular and that’s no surprise given men on average have 11 erections per day. Our extensive Whipple Tickle range of highly rated sex toys for men includes popular favourites like fleshlights and love ring vibrators to give guys the pleasure they’ve been seeking, whether alone or with a partner.

From anal toys for men to penis enlargers and everything in-between we have the toys waiting to be delivered discreetly to you.

Note of clarity  – Whilst we are aware the terms ‘sex toys for men’ and ‘male sex toys’ is not fully inclusive to all. We trailed removing this terminology but discovered that a very high percentage of people searching for these types of products use these exact terms. We would like to confirm that Whipple Tickle is fully supportive of everyone’s identity and freedom of choice.  

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Exploring Male Sex Toys at Whipple Tickle

Welcome to a world where pleasure knows no bounds – the realm of male sex toys! In this article, we’ll embark on a thrilling journey through an array of innovative and stimulating products designed to take your pleasure to unprecedented heights. From discreet masturbators to powerful prostate massagers, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these tantalizing delights. So, gentlemen, get ready to unlock the secrets of ecstasy as we delve into the world of male sex toys.

Fleshlights: Your Sensational Solo Experience

Fleshlights have revolutionized solo pleasure for men by offering a realistic and discreet experience. Shaped like a flashlight, these toys have soft, lifelike sleeves inside, simulating the sensations of real intercourse. Their discreet design makes them ideal for private enjoyment, and the various textures and orifices cater to different preferences. Fleshlights are perfect for males who seek a high-quality solo experience with intense sensations and minimal cleanup. They are especially beneficial for individuals in long-distance relationships, offering a way to maintain intimacy despite physical separation.

Pornstar Fleshlights

Pornstar Fleshlights take fantasy fulfillment to another level. Molded from the intimate regions of adult film stars, these toys offer a unique and intimate encounter with your favorite performers. The textures inside the sleeve are inspired by the real sensations these stars provide, enhancing the realism of the experience. Individuals with specific fantasies about adult film stars will find Pornstar Fleshlights exceptionally appealing. Additionally, anyone seeking a more personalized and immersive masturbation experience should consider trying these toys.

Fleshjacks Boys

Fleshjacks Boys are a male counterpart to Fleshlights, designed based on the intimate anatomy of male adult performers. These toys provide a sense of intimacy with your favorite male stars, making them a popular choice among gay and bisexual men. The different textures and designs cater to a diverse range of preferences. Gay and bisexual men who want to connect with their favorite performers on a more personal level will find Fleshjacks Boys a thrilling option. They also appeal to anyone looking for a unique and exciting solo experience.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are simple yet effective toys designed to enhance sexual experiences for men and their partners. By restricting blood flow to the penis, they help maintain firmer and longer-lasting erections. Some cock rings also have vibrating features, providing clitoral stimulation for the partner during intercourse. Men who experience occasional erectile difficulties or want to prolong their erections for more extended intimate sessions will benefit from using cock rings. Couples seeking to add a new dimension to their lovemaking will also find them advantageous.

Cock Ring Vibrators

Combining the benefits of cock rings with the buzz of vibrators, Cock Ring Vibrators deliver an explosive symphony of pleasure. The vibrating function not only enhances erections but also stimulates the clitoris, leading to more intense orgasms for both partners. Couples looking to intensify their sexual encounters and achieve mutual satisfaction will appreciate the dual stimulation provided by Cock Ring Vibrators. They are also suitable for solo use and can be a great addition to a man’s solo play.

Penis Sleeves & Extenders

Penis Sleeves & Extenders offer a temporary increase in length and girth, allowing men to explore new possibilities and please their partners. These toys are available in various sizes and textures, catering to individual preferences. Men who desire a temporary enhancement of their size or texture can use Penis Sleeves & Extenders to create a fuller experience for themselves and their partners. It’s also beneficial for individuals looking to explore a more filling sensation during intercourse.

Penis Enlargers

Penis Enlargers are devices designed to promote penis growth through stretching and traction techniques. While results may vary, some users report experiencing a gradual increase in size over time. Men seeking a permanent increase in penis size may consider trying Penis Enlargers. However, it’s essential to approach such devices with realistic expectations and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

Masturbators for Men

Masturbators for Men offer an extraordinary range of sensations and experiences that far surpass traditional manual stimulation. From textured inner sleeves to varying levels of tightness, these toys cater to diverse preferences and elevate self-pleasure to an art form. Any man seeking to enhance their solo pleasure or explore different sensations during masturbation will find Masturbators for Men immensely enjoyable. They are ideal for those looking to take their self-pleasure to a new level of intensity and excitement.

Realistic Masturbators: Bridging the Gap

Realistic Masturbators aim to create an experience as close to real intercourse as possible. These toys feature lifelike designs, including realistic skin textures, anatomically accurate openings, and stimulating internal structures. Men who value realism in their solo play and wish to immerse themselves in an experience that mimics real intimacy should consider using Realistic Masturbators. They are also great for individuals looking to explore and understand their sexual responses better.

Vibrating Masturbators

Vibrating Masturbators combine the pleasure of traditional masturbators with the added sensation of vibration. These toys offer customizable vibration settings, allowing users to tailor the experience to their preferences. Men seeking a multi-sensory experience during solo play will enjoy the unique sensations provided by Vibrating Masturbators. The combination of texture and vibration creates a stimulating journey to climax.

Vibrating Vagina Masturbators

Vibrating Vagina Masturbators are designed to simulate the sensations of penetrative sex with a partner. These toys feature vibrating elements, internal textures, and anatomical details for a realistic experience. Men who want to explore the sensation of vaginal intercourse or add variety to their solo play will find Vibrating Vagina Masturbators beneficial. These toys are also popular among individuals in long-distance relationships, providing an intimate connection despite physical separation.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers are specially designed to target the prostate gland, a pleasure center in the male body. By stimulating this area, men can experience powerful and intense orgasms. Men curious about prostate pleasure or looking to enhance their sexual experiences should try Prostate Massagers. They are also beneficial for those seeking relief from prostate-related discomfort and health issues.

Wrap up

Congratulations on exploring the captivating world of male sex toys! We hope this article has opened your eyes to a realm of pleasure and intimacy beyond imagination. Remember, self-exploration and shared experiences can lead to a deeper understanding of your desires and those of your partner. Embrace the adventure, keep communication open, and always prioritize consent and respect.

Male Sex Toy FAQs

Male sex toys are not exclusively for single men; they can be enjoyed by couples as well! Incorporating male sex toys into your intimate moments with your partner can add excitement and variety to your sexual experiences, fostering a deeper connection and mutual pleasure.

For beginners, starting with simple and versatile toys like Fleshlights or vibrating masturbators can be a great introduction. These toys are user-friendly and offer a range of sensations to explore. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually explore other toys that match your interests and preferences.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the hygiene and longevity of your male sex toys. Most toys can be cleaned with warm soapy water or a dedicated toy cleaner after each use. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and storage to keep your toys in top condition.

Yes, there are male sex toys specifically designed for different sexual orientations and preferences. From Fleshlights Girls and Fleshjacks Boys tailored for straight, gay and bisexual men to strap-ons for adventurous couples, the market offers a wide variety of toys to cater to diverse interests and desires.

While male sex toys can enhance sexual pleasure, they are not intended as a solution for underlying performance or intimacy issues. However, using masturbators can help with stamina if you pro-long the urge to climax. Cock Rings are designed to stop this at source, to help you and your partner last longer.

If you have concerns about your sexual health or performance, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional or a sex therapist to address any potential concerns. Our blog includes lots of articles on this topic, so check it out.

Safety is paramount when using male sex toys. Always ensure that the toys are made from body-safe materials and free of any potential allergens. If a toy feels uncomfortable or causes any irritation, discontinue use immediately. Additionally, use water-based lubricants with silicone-based toys to avoid damaging the material.

Yes, male sex toys can be an exciting addition to long-distance relationships or virtual intimacy sessions. Some toys, like remote-controlled vibrators or app-controlled devices, allow your partner to control the sensations from afar, creating a sense of intimacy even when physically apart. Just remember to prioritize consent and open communication with your partner to ensure a pleasurable and satisfying experience for both parties.