Add a splash of joy to your solo or partner play with our eclectic range of Dildos. From lifelike to fantasy, we’ve got a rainbow of options for you to ride to blissville. Isn’t it time to pick your pleasure?

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    In today’s modern society, the topic of sexual pleasure has become more open and accepted. As a result, the use of adult sex toys, specifically dildos, has seen a significant rise in popularity. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intriguing world of adult sex toy dildos. We will explore their various types, materials, sizes, and features, as well as their benefits and considerations. So, whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

    Understanding the Different Types of Dildos

    As we journey into the vast and fascinating world of dildos, one of the first things we need to understand is the variety available. Each type has its unique characteristics, offering distinct sensations and experiences that cater to diverse preferences and desires. This diverseness is what makes exploring dildos a personal and exciting adventure.

    Realistic Dildos

    Realistic dildos, designed to replicate the look and feel of an erect penis, are a popular choice among many. Their striking resemblance to the real thing – including lifelike features such as veins, a rounded head, and sometimes even testicles – provides an authentic experience that is highly sought after. Ideal for those who crave the realness but with the convenience of a toy, realistic dildos can offer the best of both worlds. Also, their variety in size, colour, and even foreskin detail allows you to choose the exact style that turns you on.

    Vibrating Dildos

    Vibrating dildos add an extra layer of sensation to your experience. They combine the joy of penetration with the pleasurable vibrations typically found in vibrators. This means they can stimulate not just through their size and shape, but also with a variety of vibration patterns and intensities. For some, the vibrations may provide an added edge that takes their experience to the next level. Remember, the vibration control can be either on the dildo itself or on a separate remote, allowing you to tailor the experience to your unique preferences.

    Double-Ended Dildos

    Double-ended dildos are all about versatility and shared pleasure. With two insertable ends, they’re ideal for solo play, offering the opportunity to experience dual penetration, or for use with a partner, where each can control their own level of pleasure. They come in different lengths, girths, and even shapes on each end. Whether you want to use it alone or with someone else, double-ended dildos offer a unique experience that is unlike any other type of dildo.

    G-Spot Dildos

    G-Spot dildos, with their distinct curved shape, are designed to target the G-spot, a sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina known to trigger intense orgasms. These dildos offer precise stimulation, with the curved tip applying pressure directly to the G-spot. Some even have a bulbous end for additional stimulation. For those seeking deep, powerful orgasms that reverberate through the entire body, G-spot dildos are a must-try.

    Strap-On Dildos

    Strap-on dildos bring a world of possibilities into your bedroom. Attached to a harness that can be worn around the waist, these dildos allow for hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to explore other parts of your body or your partner’s body during penetration. They’re excellent for couples interested in pegging or role reversal. You can choose from a variety of harness styles and dildo sizes to find the perfect fit for your erotic adventure.

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    Selecting the Right Material for Your Pleasure

    The material of your dildo plays a significant role in your intimate experience. Each material offers different sensations, aesthetics, and care instructions. Finding the material that suits you best can make a world of difference in your pleasure journey.

    Silicone Dildos

    Silicone dildos are favoured for their body-safe and hypoallergenic properties. The texture of silicone is velvety smooth, offering a comfortable slide that mimics the human body’s warmth. Its flexibility ranges from soft to rigid, allowing it to conform to your body’s internal shape. Silicone is easy to clean and maintain, but always remember to use a water-based lubricant as silicone-based lube can degrade the material over time.

    Glass Dildos

    Glass dildos bring an element of elegance to your collection. These exquisite toys are not only beautiful to look at but also provide unique sensations. The smooth, hard surface is perfect for intense, targeted stimulation, and the weight of the glass adds a pleasing sense of fullness. A glass dildo is also excellent for temperature play. You can warm it up or cool it down in water for varied sensations. As it’s non-porous, glass is easy to clean and sterilise.

    Metal Dildos

    Metal dildos, like their glass counterparts, offer a smooth, rigid texture that is fantastic for firm, precise stimulation. Typically made from stainless steel or aluminium, they are weighty, which many find adds to the intensity of their play. Metal dildos also conduct temperature well, making them suitable for a bit of temperature play. The sleek and lustrous aesthetic of metal dildos adds a touch of luxury to your collection.

    Rubber and PVC Dildos

    Rubber and PVC dildos are flexible and often more affordable than other types, making them a popular choice, particularly for beginners. They offer a realistic feel and can often be found in designs mimicking the appearance of an actual penis. However, both materials are porous, making them harder to clean and not ideal for sharing. Always use a condom if sharing, and be sure to clean thoroughly before and after each use.

    Cyberskin Dildos

    Cyberskin, also known as ‘real skin’ or ‘ultraskin’, is a type of material designed to closely imitate the feel of human skin, providing a highly realistic experience. Cyberskin dildos are soft and flexible, offering a lifelike feel during penetration. They tend to be more delicate than other materials and require specific care, such as dusting with renewal powder to maintain their texture. As with rubber and PVC, cyberskin is porous, so it should be cleaned carefully.

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    Size Matters: Finding Your Perfect Fit

    Dildo size is a deeply personal preference that depends on your comfort level, experience, and the kind of stimulation you enjoy. It’s essential to choose a size that fits your body and pleasure preferences to ensure a satisfying and comfortable experience.

    Small Dildos

    Small dildos are a great starting point for beginners or those who prefer less girth and depth. Their compact size makes them easy to manoeuvre, allowing you to focus on discovering your sweet spots without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, the journey of pleasure isn’t a race, and starting small doesn’t make your experience any less valid or exciting. It’s all about personal comfort and pleasure.

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    Medium Dildos

    Medium dildos strike a balance between size and comfort. They offer a step up from the small dildos, giving a bit more fullness and depth for increased stimulation. If you’re comfortable with a small dildo and are looking for a bit more, or if you’re starting but are comfortable with penetration, a medium dildo could be your perfect match.

    Shop Medium Dildos (5-6 inches)

    Large Dildos

    Large dildos cater to those who crave deeper penetration or a fuller feeling. They offer a sizeable girth and length, promising intense stimulation. It’s always important to remember that with larger dildos, you should listen to your body’s signals and take it slow, using plenty of lubricant. The rush of conquering a large dildo, however, can be quite the thrilling reward.

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    Extra-Large Dildos

    Extra-large dildos are not for the faint of heart. These are for experienced users who crave maximum fullness and depth. As exhilarating as the experience can be, remember to always prioritise your safety. Use lots of lube, warm up with a smaller toy, and never force anything that feels uncomfortable.

    Shop Extra-Large Dildos (9-12 inches)

    Shop XXL Dildos (more than 13 inches)

    Adjustable Dildos

    Adjustable dildos offer versatility that can adapt to your changing desires and moods. These innovative toys can change size or shape, providing a range of stimulation without needing multiple toys. Whether you want to start small and slowly increase the size, or desire a specific curve for certain nights, an adjustable dildo has you covered.

    Features That Enhance Your Experience

    Once you’ve considered the type, material, and size of your dildo, it’s time to look at the features that can enhance your pleasure. These additional features can add extra dimensions to your experience, elevating your pleasure to new heights.

    Suction Cup Base

    A suction cup base allows you to secure your dildo to any flat, smooth surface for hands-free play. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, whether it’s in the shower, on a chair, or anywhere else you can imagine. Having your hands free also allows you to explore other parts of your body during penetration, multiplying your pleasure.

    Most of our dildos do come with a suction cup but please check the descriptions and images.

    Remote Control

    A remote control can be a game-changer for vibrating dildos. It allows you to easily change the vibration settings without interrupting your rhythm, or it can be handed over to a partner, adding an exciting element of surprise. If your dildo comes with a remote, the power of pleasure is literally at your fingertips!

    Temperature Sensitivity

    Temperature-sensitive dildos, typically made of glass or metal, can be heated or cooled to add an extra dimension to your pleasure. This feature can send chills or warmth through your body, providing sensations that other dildos can’t match. As always, safety is key, so test the temperature on a less sensitive part of your body first.

    Textured Surface

    Textured dildos offer unique sensations that can enhance your pleasure. Ridges, bumps, or spirals can provide additional stimulation as they glide along your internal contours, hitting all the right spots. For those who crave variety and added stimulation, a textured dildo is worth exploring.

    Ejaculating Dildos

    Ejaculating Dildos or Squirting Dildos simulate the experience of an actual ejaculation. These unique toys have a reservoir for body-safe ‘cum’ lube and a mechanism to release it at the moment of your choosing, providing a realistic finish to your intimate play. If you fantasise about the throbbing warmth of climax, an ejaculating dildo might just be your cup of tea.

    The Benefits and Considerations of Using Dildos

    Using a dildo can bring a lot of pleasure and benefits, but there are also some considerations to keep in mind. Let’s dive into the world of dildo benefits and the things you should consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

    Pleasure and Self-Exploration

    Dildos offer an incredible way to explore your body and discover what turns you on. They can be used for internal stimulation, targeting areas like the G-spot, or for external pleasure. By experimenting with different types, sizes, and techniques, you can learn about your sexual preferences, leading to more satisfying experiences both alone and with a partner.

    Enhancing Intimacy with a Partner

    Introducing a dildo into your shared intimate moments can add excitement and variety. It can be used to provide added stimulation during foreplay, or to explore fantasies such as double penetration or role reversal. Using a toy together can also create a space for open communication about your desires and boundaries, thereby enhancing intimacy.

    Safety and Hygiene Considerations

    When it comes to using dildos, safety and hygiene should never be overlooked. Always ensure your toy is clean before and after each use, and store it in a clean, dry place. If you’re sharing your toy or using it for both vaginal and anal play, consider using a condom to prevent bacterial transfer. And always remember to listen to your body; if something feels uncomfortable, stop and reassess.

    Lubrication and Care Tips

    Proper lubrication is crucial for a comfortable and pleasurable experience. It reduces friction, making penetration smoother and more enjoyable. Water-based lubes are generally safe for all toys, but always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. As for care, different materials require different cleaning methods. Silicone, glass, and metal can usually be cleaned with mild soap and water, while porous materials might require special cleaners.

    Overcoming Stigma and Taboos

    Despite the progress made, the use of sex toys can still be stigmatised. It’s important to remember that there’s nothing shameful about seeking pleasure and exploring your body. Communicate openly with your partner if you’re introducing a toy, and be respectful of each other’s comfort levels. It’s your journey of self-exploration and pleasure—no one else’s opinion should matter.

    As we conclude this exploration of adult sex toy dildos, it’s clear that they offer a plethora of options for individuals and couples seeking enhanced pleasure and intimacy. Whether you prefer a realistic, vibrating, or double-ended dildo, there is a perfect match for everyone. By understanding the different materials, sizes, and features available, you can confidently select a dildo that will fulfill your desires. Remember to prioritise safety, hygiene, and open communication with your partner to ensure a delightful and satisfying experience.

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