Mould your own kits

Personalise your favourite cock with our mould your own penises. Each kit has everything you need to construct a cock at home, we even stock the original penis casting kit clone-a-cock. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have a real-life replica of your partners’ best asset in your draw for whenever the time calls.

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Clone a Willy

Seeking a personalized experience? The ‘Clone a Willy‘ kit lets you create an exact vibrating replica of your partner’s (or your own) penis. It’s a fun DIY project that results in a personalized toy, making it an intimate keepsake or a cheeky gift.

Embracing one’s sexuality and exploring desires is a journey that everyone deserves. Realistic sex toys provide a safe, delightful, and explorative path to self-pleasure and self-love. Remember, your pleasure is in your hands, so why not enhance it with a touch of realism?

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