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Unleash a world of daring sophistication with our Leather Lingerie collection at Whipple Tickle. Catering to both men and women, this range is where edgy meets elegance, featuring an array of sexy leather outfits that command attention. From the provocative allure of bondage bodies and body harnesses to the sleek charm of leather briefs and skirts, each piece is a testament to bold fashion statements. Crafted with care and featuring renowned brands like Rimba and Shots Toys, our collection is perfect for those who dare to stand out.

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    15% OFF

    Body Chain

    Original price was: £104.99.Current price is: £88.99.

    15% OFF

    Leather Pouch

    Original price was: £38.99.Current price is: £32.99.

    15% OFF

    Bondage Body

    Original price was: £106.99.Current price is: £90.99.

    15% OFF

    Leather Brief Dildo

    Original price was: £111.99.Current price is: £94.99.

    15% OFF

    Leather Chain Bra

    Original price was: £104.99.Current price is: £88.99.

    37% OFF

    Leather Body

    Original price was: £159.99.Current price is: £100.99.

    15% OFF

    Leather Skirt

    Original price was: £150.99.Current price is: £127.99.

    Embrace Bold Elegance with Our Leather Lingerie Collection

    Dive into the enticing realm of Leather Lingerie at Whipple Tickle, where sensuality meets bold fashion. Our collection, designed for both men and women, is a celebration of confidence and style. It features an exquisite range of sexy leather outfits, including bondage bodies, body harnesses, and leather briefs, each crafted to captivate and inspire. With standout pieces from renowned brands like Rimba and Shots Toys, our leather lingerie is not just an outfit, it’s an experience, offering something uniquely powerful for every individual.

    A Spectrum of Styles

    Our Leather Lingerie collection is diverse, encompassing everything from bondage bodies and body harnesses, which offer a bold and adventurous look, to more subtle yet equally captivating options like sexy leather briefs and skirts. Each style is designed to enhance your confidence and appeal.

    Not Just Lingerie, It’s a Statement

    Leather lingerie is more than just clothing; it’s a fashion statement. Whether it’s the commanding presence of a leather chastity piece or the subtle allure of a leather collar, these pieces are designed to make you feel powerful and irresistible.

    Quality and Comfort

    While style and design are paramount, comfort is not compromised. Our leather lingerie pieces are crafted to ensure a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them with confidence and ease.

    For Every Taste and Occasion

    Whether you’re looking to spice up your intimate moments or make a bold fashion statement at a special event, our leather lingerie caters to all tastes and occasions. The versatility of our collection ensures there’s something for everyone.

    Celebrated Brands

    Featuring creations from Rimba and Shots Toys, our collection guarantees high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. These brands are known for their attention to detail and commitment to creating memorable and impactful lingerie pieces.

    Discover Your Leather Persona

    Explore our Leather Lingerie collection and find the perfect piece to express your unique style and sensuality. Whether you’re drawn to the daring world of bondage or prefer the understated elegance of classic leather pieces, our range at Whipple Tickle has everything you need to make a statement.

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