Latex Lingerie

Latex lingerie and rubber fetish gear are the ultimate outfit for any kink fanatic out there. From latex dresses for women to latex boxers for men we have the items in stock ready to be delivered quickly and discreetly to your door. Don’t forget to stock up on your shining spray before you check out to keep your latex looking tip-top.

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LateX Gloves

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LateX Mini Skirt

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LateX Zip Shirt

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Rubber Secrets Bra

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Steeped in sensuality and a bold statement of allure, latex lingerie has carved its niche in the realm of intimate fashion. With its tantalising shine and skin-hugging fit, it effortlessly captures the essence of both rebellion and seduction. At Whipple Tickle, we offer a meticulously curated collection of latex garments that cater to every fantasy, for both men and women. From elegant gloves to audacious dresses, our offerings promise to make heads turn and hearts race.

Latex Lingerie: The Ultimate Symbol of Seduction

Latex lingerie is not just a material; it’s an experience. Its signature gloss, combined with the way it clings to the body, accentuates every curve and contour. Wearing latex is a statement, one that whispers of confidence, dominance, and allure.

For the Daring Diva: Women’s Latex Collection

Latex Dresses: Our latex dresses, with their form-fitting allure, promise to spotlight your femininity, making you the cynosure of all eyes.
Latex Underwear & Bras: Delve into a world of cheeky charm with our latex bras and underwear. They offer both comfort and an undeniable sensuality.
Latex Skirts: Flirty or domineering, our range of latex skirts can set any tone you desire.
Latex Suspenders: Pair our latex suspenders with stockings for a look that’s dripping in seductive elegance.

For the Modern Maverick: Men’s Latex Collection

Latex Gloves: Slide into our latex gloves and experience an immediate surge of power and poise. Perfect for completing any bold ensemble.
Latex Underwear: Our men’s latex underwear is designed to accentuate, providing both style and comfort.

Rimba Shining Spray: The Secret to Latex’s Lustre

While the charm of latex is undeniable, maintaining its gleam is vital for that everlasting impact. Enter the “Rimba Shining Spray“. This specially formulated latex cleaning spray not only ensures your latex garments remain in impeccable condition but also accentuates their signature shine, making them look brand new each time. Proper care with Rimba ensures that your latex garments retain their elasticity, sheen, and seductive appeal.

Why Choose Whipple Tickle’s Latex Lingerie Collection?

Our commitment lies in offering products that balance quality with sensuality. Every latex lingerie piece at Whipple Tickle is crafted with precision, ensuring it adheres to our stringent standards. Moreover, with the added advantage of our Rimba Shining Spray, your latex garments promise to be your companions in allure for a long time.

With Whipple Tickle’s premium latex lingerie collection, step confidently into a world where elegance meets edge. Whether you’re seeking to make a statement or simply to indulge in the tactile delight that latex offers, our range ensures your desires are not just met, but exceeded.

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