Double Ended Dildos

These multidimensional sex toys are ideal as a couples sex toy as they come with two penetrators so you can both get off at the same time. Don’t forget to stock up on lube and toy cleaner before you check out so you can keep your new orgasmic toy in tip-top condition.

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    Double the Pleasure: The Ultimate Guide to Double Ended Dildos

    Welcome to the dynamic and versatile world of Double Ended Dildos at Whipple Tickle, where we believe in doubling the pleasure in every aspect of your intimate experiences. These unique toys, known as double-ended dildos or double penetration dildos, are designed to offer a multitude of pleasurable possibilities, whether you’re indulging solo or with a partner.

    The Allure of Double Ended Dildos

    Double Ended Dildos are the epitome of versatility in the realm of sex toys. Designed with two penetrative ends, these toys offer a unique experience that can be enjoyed alone or shared. Perfect for simultaneous penetration, they open up a world of creative sexual exploration. Whether you’re looking to enjoy synchronized play with a partner or seeking double penetration for solo sessions, these dildos are up for the task.

    Varieties to Suit Every Desire

    Our collection features a range of sizes, shapes, and textures to suit every preference. From realistically detailed to sleek and smooth, each double-ended dildo is crafted to enhance your pleasure. Some are flexible for easy maneuvering, while others offer more rigidity for targeted stimulation.

    Exploring Double Penetration Dildos

    Double penetration dildos are specifically designed for those who crave the sensation of being filled in more than one area simultaneously. They’re perfect for experimenting with various forms of stimulation, offering an intensified experience that can be incredibly satisfying.

    Double Ended Strap Ons

    For couples looking to explore new avenues of intimacy, double ended strap ons bring a whole new dimension to shared pleasure. These innovative toys combine the closeness of partner play with the excitement of double penetration. They are ideal for couples interested in pegging, as well as those looking to explore new realms of sexual pleasure together.

    Safety and Care

    As with all sex toys, safety and hygiene are paramount. Our double-ended dildos are made from high-quality, body-safe materials. Ensure to clean them thoroughly before and after use, and consider using a condom if sharing with a partner.


    Double Ended Dildos offer a unique way to explore and enhance sexual pleasure, whether alone or with a partner. At Whipple Tickle, we invite you to discover the endless possibilities these toys provide. Embrace the versatility, indulge in the pleasure, and let your imagination run wild with our double-ended delights.

    Ready to double your pleasure? Explore our range of double-ended and double penetration dildos, including our innovative double ended strap ons.

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