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Looking for a fun and unique gift for someone special? Look no further than a Whipple Tickle e-voucher / online gift card!…

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Price. Match. Guarantee.

Looking for a fun and unique gift for someone special?

Look no further than a Whipple Tickle e-voucher / online gift card! Our e-vouchers are the perfect way to surprise someone with a thrilling experience they’ll never forget. Whether they want to try their hand at our exciting range of sex toys or BDSM, a Whipple Tickle e-voucher gives them the freedom to choose the perfect way to have fun. Give the gift of fun and excitement today with a Whipple Tickle e-voucher!


Price. Match. Guarantee.

Whipple Tickle specialises in adult sexual happiness, desires and sexual fulfilment. Its aim is to appeal across the board whether it be solo home enjoyment, masquerade sex parties, kinky dungeons, BDSM or fetish clubs, we have a variation of products for diversity. We offer over 6,500 products and are always looking to grow the offerings we provide for you kinky lot! We are not all the same when it comes to sex… that would be boring wouldn’t it!

Yes. Gift vouchers are valid for 365 days from the date the recipient receives them. This refers to the “Delivery Date” above.

If you placed an order using a gift card there are two possible returns processes.

  1. If you return your entire order, your money will be placed back onto the gift card as normal and be ready to use again
  2. If you want to return part of your order, we must unfortunately require you to return your entire order as we are not able to issue part refunds back onto gift cards. When we receive your return, your money will immediately be placed back onto the gift card so that you may repurchase your items

If you require any assistance please contact support.

We offer two methods for redeeming gift vouchers:

  1. Enter the voucher code into the cart or checkout manually 
  2. Redeem the voucher code in the My Account area

Please note: If you choose option 2, you cannot then use option 1. Please sign in to your account at checkout to redeem.


They will receive the voucher on the “delivery date” specified above. This is set to send at 12:01AM on this date.