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Sex Furniture Guide


Hello to all adventurous souls! Are you looking to add an extra zest to your intimate moments, or perhaps seeking more comfort and support during your passionate encounters? If so, you might find your answer in the innovative world of sex furniture. Today, we’re highlighting the famed Liberator shapes and other fantastic options that are revolutionising bedrooms (and beyond!) across the globe.

What is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture refers to specially designed furnishings that aim to enhance sexual activity by providing support, adding comfort, and allowing for more adventurous positions. Ranging from discreet pieces that could easily be mistaken for conventional decor to more explicit, purpose-designed items, there’s a piece of sex furniture for every taste and need.

Liberator Shapes: Comfort Meets Versatility

Liberator is a brand that’s become synonymous with quality sex furniture, known for its iconic wedge/ramp combos and other ingeniously designed shapes. Here’s why they’re so celebrated:

  • Ergonomic Design: Liberator shapes are crafted to provide optimal body support, helping to take the strain off your back, hips, and knees, and making various positions more comfortable.
  • Versatility: These shapes aren’t one-trick ponies — they’re versatile aids that can be used for countless positions. Experimentation is the name of the game!
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: With their removable, washable covers and durable construction, Liberator shapes are as practical as they are pleasurable.

Beyond Liberator: Other Exciting Options

  • Queening Chairs: Designed for facesitting and smothering play, these chairs allow for comfortable oral sex, providing pleasure for both giver and receiver.
  • Sex Swings and Slings: Suspend disbelief (and your partner!) with these incredible devices that allow for weightless, gravity-defying fun.
  • BDSM Furniture: From spanking benches to bondage tables, these pieces cater to the kinkier crowd, making various BDSM activities more comfortable and satisfying.

Why Invest in Sex Furniture?

  • Enhanced Physical Comfort: These pieces reduce physical strain, making sex more comfortable, especially for those with mobility or chronic pain issues.
  • Exploration of New Positions: Sex furniture opens up a world of positional possibilities, many of which might not be achievable through human flexibility alone.
  • Deeper Intimacy: By encouraging exploration and playfulness, sex furniture can help partners discover new facets of their sexual relationship, fostering deeper emotional connections.

Choosing Your First Piece

  • Consider Your Space: Some pieces are larger or more explicit than others. Consider your living situation and storage capabilities.
  • Identify Your Needs: Are you looking for something to make sex more comfortable, or are you hoping to try new positions or BDSM activities?
  • Set a Budget: With options ranging from affordable inflatable cushions to high-end, custom-made pieces, there’s something for every budget.

Conclusion: Transforming Your Erotic Experience

Sex furniture, whether it’s a Liberator shape or a full-blown queening chair, offers more than just physical support — it’s about breaking free from constraints, trying new things, and adding an extra layer of excitement to your intimate encounters. So, are you ready to take your bedroom adventures to the next level?

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