Let’s face it, no one wants to wear a condom, however, they are the only way to help protect yourself from both an STI and pregnancy. Thankfully condoms can now offer you protection whilst feeling all the feels. If you’re looking for something close to the real thing then check out our range of ultra thin and natural condoms.

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With intimacy comes responsibility. Not just towards yourself, but towards your partner as well. Condoms have always been at the forefront of sexual wellness, offering a dual promise – protection and enhanced pleasure. At Whipple Tickle, our curated selection of condoms is a testament to our commitment to ensuring you have safe and satisfying intimate moments.

Control Condoms:

For those seeking a prolonged and intensified experience, control condoms are the way to go. Designed to desensitize slightly, they can extend pleasure for both partners. When using them, ensure they are worn correctly – unroll the condom onto an erect penis, making sure there’s no trapped air at the tip.

Flavoured, Coloured, Novelty Condoms:

Add a dash of fun and variety to your intimate moments. From tantalising strawberry to refreshing mint, our flavoured condoms are perfect for oral encounters. Coloured condoms bring a visual element to the bedroom, while novelty variants are all about surprises. Remember, while they’re fun, they’re still serious protection – ensure you check their suitability for intercourse.

Large and X-Large Condoms:

Fit matters. A condom that doesn’t fit correctly can compromise safety and diminish pleasure. For those endowed with a more generous girth, our Large and X-Large condoms ensure comfort without compromising on protection. Always ensure you’ve chosen the right size for optimal safety.

Natural and Regular Condoms:

These are the classics, designed to fit most and provide a natural feel. Made typically from latex, natural and regular condoms offer reliable protection against both STIs and unwanted pregnancies. To use, simply unroll it onto an erect penis, ensuring there’s no air trapped inside.

Safe and Strong Condoms:

For those who prioritise additional security, our Safe and Strong condoms are thicker, providing that extra layer of protection. Despite being robust, they don’t compromise on sensitivity. Remember to check the expiry date before using, as with all condoms.

Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms:

Looking to heighten the sensations? Dive into our range of stimulating condoms. Ribbed designs enhance tactile pleasure, while warming variants introduce a delightful heat. When used correctly, they can amplify sensations for both partners, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Ultra Thin Condoms:

Experience heightened intimacy without compromising safety. Our Ultra Thin condoms are designed for those who want to feel closer, providing a near-natural experience. While they are thin, rigorous testing ensures they protect as effectively as regular condoms.

Concluding Thoughts:

Condoms are not just about protection; they’re about enhancing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for something fun, something reliable, or something that heightens sensations, Whipple Tickle has got you covered. Explore our range, and remember, using a condom is a sign of respect – towards yourself and your partner. Choose wisely, stay protected, and let the good times roll!

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